Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SoundStudio Officially Launches

Club Penguin's new game SoundStudio--a replacement of their earlier game DJ3K--officially launched. To play it you can either use the SoundStudio DJ table furniture, at the Music Cruise, or at the Dance Club.
Waddle over to the SoundStudio DJ table.
From here select "Instructions."
  • Choose a set of sounds.
  • Each button plays a sound. Looks repeat, while one-shots play once each time you press them...
  • Members can hit Record to save and share their songs
  • Members can view and share songs in Saved Tracks.
  • Shared tracks play in the Dance Club and your igloo. Other players listening in the Dance Club can Like your song!
After you've went through the tutorial, press the neon pink button and you'll be ready to mix your tracks!

Rock on!

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