Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Club Penguin Times Issue #456 - Music Cruise Docks And Rocks!

This ship is going to make some waves.

By Cadence -- Cadence in da house! And not just me. A WHOLE cruiseful of awesome acts are at the Docks. Me and the PB are gonna break the ICE with our show. More concerts on the way!

I just got back from rehearsal, and I can't wait 2 perform for u guys. The Penguin Band is KILLING it, especially Franky's keys. I luv 'em! When u get out there, bring some fancy clothes for the evenings.

We party ALL day and ALL night on this boat! So throw up ur fist pump emotes when u see us. I wrote "Best Day Ever" thinking about some great times on the island, but it's the perfect song for a day on the Music Cruise!

Waiters, captains, DJ squids, and engineers needed on board!

Singing sweetheart speaks to Cadence

Cadence: I've got Sabrina Carpenter here. Sabrina, thanks for coming. It's awesome u came aboard the Music Cruise!

Sabrina: Yeah, I'm so happy I could join in!

Cadence: I gotta tell u that "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying" is totally stuck in my head. When u first heard it, did u know it was going 2 be ultra-catchy?

Sabrina: Thanks! I really wanted people to hear it and feel like it's their life, you know? It's about stuff we all go through.

Cadence: Totes! I've got one more question. If u were an emote, what would u b?

Sabrina: Totally the winky face ;)

Cadence: Lol! Awesome. Thanks Sabrina! Everyone should go see ur show on July 23.


Zendaya busts out "Replay."

July 19 Violetta
See her perform the Spanish hit "Hoy Somos Mas."

July 21 Cole Plante
Listen to this DJ drop beats and light up the night!

July 23 Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina sings the quirky single "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying."

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 23.
Next pin hidden: July 24-August 6


Did you hear about the cruise ship?
-Buck A. Neer

Yar matey! I be knowin' about yer wee music boat. It be soundin' like a fine ship. Get it... soundin/ Har har, I be hilarious!

But I don't be trustin' anythin' without sails. Not since I be takin' a ride on Gary's rocket boat. So there I was, it be a Tuesday, and Gary and I be trapped by mega sharpened icebergs! He be tellin' me not to worry, and then he be pressin' the big red button...

That boat be shootin' through an iceberg like a ball out o' a cannon! I be thinkin' me beard was goin' to come right off! But ye be havin' fun on yer Music Cruise. Why don't ye dance a hearty jig for yer ol' cap'n?

Bienvenidos Violetta!

Cadence: Wow. I'm so stoked 2 interview Violetta. I know everyone is dying to hear about u.

Violetta: Thank you! I'm so happy I get to visit Club Penguin and meet everybody.

Cadence: Nah, we're the excited ones! So, you've been performing a lot recently. How do u keep up with it all?

Violetta: It's a lot of practice. But it's unique and fun, even when it's hard work.

Cadence: Sounds like ur a born performer. When ur up on stage, what emote do u want 2 see?

Violetta: That's so nice. Let's do flowers!

Cadence: That's gonna be a blast! Can't wait 2 see ur show!

(Editor's Note): For everyone reading, Violetta's gonna perform starting July 19! Go to the Docks to board the Music Cruise!


This is Dot the Disguise Gal with a report from inside the Music Cruise. There's more than just celebrity gossip hidden on this ship! When I was disguised as a clerk in the Lobby, I saw royalty checking in to their rooms. Keep an eye out for crowns and tiaras in the crowd.

Down in the Engine Room, I found out that the ship even runs on music. The crew had to bang out the beat at six different stations to hit full speed! My next assignment is to disguise myself as stage crew and watch every show from backstage.


Q. Why did the ice cream feel lonely?
A. It was desserted!

Q. What did the broken clock say to its mom?
A. Look ma, no hands!

Q. What kind of books do skunks write?
A. Best smellers!

Q. What kind of shorts to clouds wear?
A. Thunderwear!
-Club Kitty 8

Q. Why do hummingbirds hum?
A. Because they don't know the words!

Q. What's the fastest country?
A. Russia!

Q. What do you call a camel with no hump?
A. Humphrey!

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